Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dad's Surprise 60th

Was a total blast. I think we actually completely surprised him. His Birthday is August 8th but my mom was out of town for several weeks in a row for work so we planned it for this weekend.  My Aunt and Uncle came in town from Virgina and my brother Thomas came in from San Diego. My dad had no idea they were coming and there were tears when he saw them. It was one of those nights I won't ever forget. Please excuse the excess amount of pictures....

I'm not gonna lie that dessert table may have been because anytime I'm planning a party I feel the need for massive amounts of chocolate. I'm just sayin. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Picture Dump

Since I'm so bad at updating I'm just gonna do a ton of pictures. So here are a bunch from this summer including our trip this weekend to Little Rock, a couple zoo adventures, hanging out at the pool, and
even some adult time. Enjoy!
Kat and I took a picture for the cover of our nursing home. Awesome huh.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Color Run Fun

Saturday was the Color Run in Tulsa. They had 10,000 runners for the love of God and it was a mad house but it was super fun. There were a ton of people doing their first 5k and that makes me happy. Brings back memories of my first with Kat not too long ago. By the way I'll save it for another post but Kat and I are going to be running together soon in Memphis!!! Here are some pictures.....

Before the race nice and clean..........

See so many people......

My Godsister and I afterwards. Please note that I got blasted the most with orange which is kind of hard to see in this picture. The paint was a little hard to get off and when I went to the pool later in the day I realized I looked like I had just done a terrible job with some really cheap fake tanner. So there's that.

Maddox Moo and Mommy. Jeff kept trying to explain the color run concept to him the week leading up to it. Maddox was so concerned and kept saying "but I don't want them to throw paint on my mommy. I LOVE my mommy." Haha how cute is he. Jackie, please note he is obsessed with that freakin TU hat and insist upon wearing it anytime we are outside. Like, literally EVERY.TIME.

In case you guys were worried if I kept it classy.....DON'T. I literally woke up with all of 5 minutes to throw some clothes on and decided the best option was my Tulsa ass shorts. I mean I wanted to make sure everyone behind me (since I'm so fast) knew exactly where this hot piece of ace was from. Mission accomplished. Kat and Brooke, I looked so hard for the picture of Kat and I in Lily's dog kennel circa 2004 where I am wearing the exact same shorts but alas no luck. Kat didn't your shorts have something on the ass in that picture? That nights is still one of my all time favs. Why did we try to crawl into a grill? Also I remember running around the couch after you guys were in bed as rather humerous. I'll just leave it at that. God we were such babies.